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If you head on over to the A.V. Club (part of the Onion News group), they have an excellent three page interview with Joss Whedon covering a lot of information about his current projects, there’s even a decent amount of coverage on the “Goners” film, though no new revelations.

Head on over to check out the full coverage.

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A.V. Club

Recently, Whedon took the spotlight at the San Diego ComicCon, where he announced that he’s in negotiations to bring the Buffy spin-off Ripper to the BBC, showcased his online Dark Horse comic Sugarshock, and took five charity auction-winners to dinner, raising more than $60,000 for the worldwide women’s-rights organization Equality Now. Just before heading to San Diego, Whedon spoke with The A.V. Club about his current and upcoming comics projects, his film project Goners, the status of Serenity, why spoilers are ruining our culture, and his much-publicized work on—and break from—the Wonder Woman film project

Joss Whedon


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I always like reading a Joss Whedon interview, it gives us fans a chance to catch up on what’s happening with our favourite projects and what’s new in Whedon’s world.
The interview at Wizard Universe covers quite a lot of area, looking at Wonder Woman, Batman, X-Men and comic book adaptations in general as well as an update with what’s happening with “Goners” at the moment.

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clipped from www.wizarduniverse.com

No longer slated to write and direct a Wonder Woman movie, Joss Whedon reflects on the pain of losing the gig and looks to his next movie ‘Goners’ and the possibility of ‘X-Men 4’

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