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James MarstersFor those of us who were unable to attend Collectormania this year Steve Himber over at James Marsters Live.com has kindly provided a transcript of the Q & A from the Sunday.

As always James is very entertaining and there are plenty of great anecdotes that he shares, looking at his singing as well as his acting, and some of his hopes for the future. The full Q & A was over an hour so there is plenty to read, just makes me really wish I could of been there to hear it all ‘live’.

It’s well worth a taking a look at so click through for the full transcript.


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One of the blogs that I am following in the Whedon ‘verse at the moment is Christian Kane’s new blog, Smoke Signals. Christian and his Country Rock group ‘Kane’ are in the middle of a UK tour so it is no surprise that he has blogged about how it is going, seems like he is having a great time so far and is on his way to Brighton for their gig tonight at the Barfly Brighton.

Unfortunately for me the London tickets are sold out, but if you are in the Brighton area tonight there are still a few tickets available, go see the show, I’m sure you won’t regret it. ­čÖé

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Collectormania 11 was held two weeks ago in Milton Keynes, in the UK. For those of us that weren’t able to be there I thought I would gather together a few of the videos and pictures that the fans took of members of the Whedon ‘verse that were in attendance.

You can view some of the videos in my Collectormania Vodpod, and some pictures from Flickr here, here and here.

Enjoy. ­čÖé

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Christian┬áKane┬á┬á Christian Kane and his eponymous Country Rock group are to play several gigs in the UK this June, good news for me as that’s where I live!

Christian is best known to Joss Whedon fans for his pivotal role as Lindsey McDonald in “Angel”.

KANE were voted the Overall New Country Star of the Year for 2006 on the New Country Star website. They will be playing several Barfly venues around the UK, the dates and locations are available from their official website and their MySpace page which also has four tracks available for your listening pleasure.

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FRIDAY 4TH MAY TO MONDAY 7TH MAY 2007: if you are in the UK these are the dates to mark in your diary, and if you are elsewhere in the world, pop on over.
Collectormania 11, being held in Milton Keynes that weekend, now has Charisma Carpenter attending as well as the formerly announced James Marsters and Anthony Head. Not a bad collection of Joss Whedon alumni.
All three of them are also available for a photo session, though you will have to book for a ticket in advance to take advantage of this opportunity.
Also, as previously posted on this blog, Anthony Head will be attending the Collectormania party on Saturday night and will be playing live, once again tickets are available online from the Collectormania shop.
Also in attendance at Collectormania will be George Hertzberg, who played Adam in Season 4 of “Buffy”.

*Edit: link to videos and pictures from this event*

clipped from www.collectormania.com

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Over here in the UK those who plan to be at Milton Keynes for Collectormania 11 have the opportunity to see Anthony “Giles” Head perform at the Collectormania party to be held on Sunday 6th May at the National Hockey Stadium, just down the road from the day time venue.

Anthony’s vocal stylings in a couple of the “Buffy” episodes left many fans very impressed, if you have the chance try and pick up his album:

“Music For Elevators” Music for Elevators (aff.)

Anthony Head will also be signing at Collectormania and there is a photo shoot opportunity.

Another guest that will be of interest to Whedon fans is James Marsters who likewise is signing and doing photo opp’s. Shame they couldn’t get him to appear at the after-party with Mr Head.

Also attending is George Hertzberg who played Adam, The Big Bad in Season 4.

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