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Since Fox were kind enough to finally allow ‘Drive’ fans to see the last two filmed episodes of the series online it seems a shame that only those in the US can watch them. šŸ˜¦
There are of course slightly illegal means of seeing them via non official channels, which is a very bad thing to do and so I would in no way encourage you to click this link, which is solely provided to warn fans of the heinous crime being committed! I am sure none of us would like to see Fox lose out on any revenue from this Emmy nominated show that they only canceled after first giving it a fair run of 10 days.


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Well, after canceling the show and postponing the last two filmed episodes (twice!) Fox are now saying that they will make them available online.

At the moment the plan is to make them available through “FOX On Demand”, the same as the four previously aired episodes.

Lets hope they come through this time!

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Drive If, like me, you have been waiting to hear something from Tim Minear about his canceled TV show “Drive”, wait no longer! Over at DriveFans.com Jackal has posted an interview with Tim and Craig Silverstein (executive producer).

With Drive pre-maturely cancelled, we took the opportunity to catch up with executive producers Tim Minear and Craig Silverstein about what would have happened had the series continued.

Click through for the full interview.

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Final Drive

Well it may not come as much of a surprise to those that are familiar with the Fox TV network, but it seems as though after promising to air the last two filmed episodes of “Drive” (first on July 4th then moving it to the 13th) the executives have decided to scrap the whole thing.

You can read more about it over at Whedonesque as it seems that for the moment Fox have removed the announcement from their own site.

Episodes of “Standoff” (Gina Torres) and “Bones” (David Boreanaz) are currently scheduled to air in its place. I guess they know which fan group it is they are upsetting. šŸ˜‰

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FinalĀ Drive

Fox have announced that the final two episodes of Tim Minear’s “Drive” will be shown back-to-back on July 4th.

It’s not really much of a shock that Fox have decided to air these last two episodes on a day when most Americans will be out and about, but at least it will allow us fans to see our “Captain” Nathan Fillion in action again.

Set your recorders now, and get these episodes up online as soon as possible afterwards, I want to see them too!

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Over at JoBlo they have another Nathan Fillion interview as he continues his publicity run for “Waitress”, but he also has a chance to talk about his White Noise 2, Drive and his career in general.

Click through for the full article.

clipped from www.joblo.com

Handsome, charming, intelligent, and talented, are just a few
of Nathan Fillionā€™s attributes that solidify this Canadianā€™s
dream man status. Having appeared in a handful of films such as
SLITHER and SERENITY, he is predominantly recognized for his
noteworthy TV roles. In the upcoming Indie film WAITRESS,
Fillion exhibits his comedic skills and delivers a captivating,
stimulating, and commanding performance while portraying a
gynecologist who falls for his patient.
It was a pleasure meeting Fillion and uncovering his
perceptions of the film and experience in working with Shelley on
the set of WAITRESS. Check out what he had to say.

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Tim MinearFanboy Confidental’s latest Podcast (episode #8) has an interview with Tim Minear about twenty minutes in to the episode. The interview was recorded pre-cancellation of “Drive” so Tim still sounds very excited about that project.

He also talks about his childhood and how he broke into show business, his other TV projects, working with Joss Whedon and Nathan Fillion. We also get to hear a little more about Joss and Tim’s Inara/Reaver episode of “Firefly” that never got a chance to be made.

He also has a few words to say about his hopes to make a movie at some point, discussing his Robert A. Heinlein project “The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress” and other projects he would love to get involved in. Personally I would love to see Tim’s take on “Logan’s Run”. Are there any other projects out there you would like to see Tim Minear get involved in? Let us know in the comments.

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